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41 Schools to be Opened for Girls by the Haryana Government


The Haryana government has recently started concentrating even more on the education of girls across the street. The special steps have been taken by the educational minister of the Haryana state that is Mr Ram Vilas Sharma.

41 Schools to be Opened for Girls by the Haryana Government

Sharma has taken interest in this issue and has stated that about 41 School would be immediately set up for the girls across the state. They would vary from various trains and would we all Senior Secondary Schools. Most of the concentration of the school’s however apparently going to be in the Mewat district of Haryana.

According to Ram Leela Sharma, the schools for the girls in the state of Haryana would be about 41 and number out of which 34 have been intended for the Mewat region. The same was discussed by him when he was questioned of his stance on improving the educational opportunities for girls by the independent MLA Jasbir Deswal.

The educational minister has specifically targeted the girls for their lack of opportunities. On the basis of this he has intended that this should be the prime concern of the department of education as the girl’s education in certain cases of in fall in the blind spot of their own parents.

Hence the availability of your school with government of manatees should be able to bring about and awareness and ease of access among the parents of the girls in for a family so that the education is done without any hassle.

This is a very good mood by the education minister of Haryana. Previously there have been many movies done by the government for the benefit of girls and women.

With the rise of danger for women in the national capital region, the Haryana government has started supporting Self defence training courses to schools across the state, why girls are starting point already, 1536 schools have started this Self defence training programme for girls. The self-defence training is attended by Senior girls who are studying in standard 9th and 10th.

Other moves by the educational minister have included the option for a military school for girls in the Khuda na village of Mahendragarh district. There would be two more schools open in Morni Hills, which one in zainabad and Dhokia of Rewari district and the other one in Bhiwani city with III in Sonepat city. XXX Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya and 36 girls hostels are also in the agenda for the government now.

Apart from this 6 government colleges are also been expected to be opened only for girls. If all of this can take shape and can actually be implemented than Haryana could have the possibility of having the highest women literacy in the country.