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9-Year-Old Boy Reels in 600-Pound Sturgeon and There’s Video to Prove It


There’s “The Old Man and the Sea” and then there is the young boy and the river — and the latter is a tale that even Hemingway would approve of.

Immediately after a nearly two-hour struggle, Kegan Rothman, 9, reeled in a good white sturgeon estimated at 600 pounds with the assistance of his father and a fishing guide on June 29 in Chilliwack, British Columbia, an official told ABC News now.

“It is the most excitement I’ve ever had with a fish. It was so difficult to hold onto the rod. I thought the fish was going to pull me into the water,” Kegan told Fantastic River Fishing Adventures.

On his 1st day out on the water on getaway, Kegan’s rod dipped into the water and he didn’t back down from the ensuing fight.

He, his father and Good River Fishing Adventures guide Ben Trainer spent the subsequent hour and 45 minutes reeling in their catch in a “nearly not possible feat,” mentioned Matthew Clive, a spokesman for Excellent River Fishing Adventures.

“I’ve been a specialist fishing guide on the Fraser [River] for 11 years and have fished these rivers my entire life. This is one of my largest fish I have support[ed] a client catch,” Trainer told Terrific River Fishing Adventures.

“With the size of this fish, I’d bet it is over 75 years old,” he added.

Kegan, only four-feet tall and from New Jersey, got the 10-foot long fish near shore, exactly where Trainer examined it and estimated its weight to be 600 pounds.

The sturgeon was then released back into the river.

Just before Monday’s new individual record, Kegan stated he had caught a 120-pound sailfish on getaway in Mexico.

Excellent River Fishing Adventures has caught and released four monster-sized sturgeons in the previous five years, corporation officials mentioned, noting the largest weighed in at 1,100 pounds.