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Aligarh Movie: Controversial Movie Aligarh Banned in the City of Aligarh


India has been a country where it doesn’t take a lot of time to create a controversy. We as citizens love to brew tempests in a teapot, and it is almost as if the people at large are active looking forward towards finding controversies and are scrutinizing things.

Aligarh Movie Controversial Movie Aligarh Banned in the City of Aligarh

The matters of homosexuality are often looked down upon by the society at large as if it is a sin.

In recent times however, the awareness about the matter has been rising, and ever since the courts abolished homosexuality as a crime, it has become even more popular and from just making jokes around it, people are now rallying for gay rights, and the mainstream media too, is not shying away from it.

With the concept of homosexuality gaining mainstream acceptance, Bollywood too, had to become an active part of it.

Director Hansal Mehta has been one of such name in the world of cinema who does not shy away from controversial topics. Together with writer Apurva Ansari, Hansal Mehta has created one of the most controversial movies of 2016 – Aligarh.

Ironically, one place where you cannot watch this movie is the city the movie gets its name from! Aligarh has been banned in Aligarh.

“Though the film was due to be released in one multiplex and five single-screen cinema houses, it has been postponed for the time being.”

The MillatBedariMuhim Committee (MBMC) has issued a memorandum and submitted it to Ravi Shankar Prasad, the Information and Broadcasting minister. The memorandum asks the minster to have the name of the movie changed.

A similar demand has been made by AMU students, and leaders from students action committee, Shikoh and FahimAkhtar said they plan to lodge an FIR against Mehta after the convocation. “We will not allow anybody to defame Aligarh. He should give some other title to this film,” they said.

The city of Aligarh, as well as the AMU are both known for their conservative approach, and Former AMU students’ union vice-president Syed Masud-ul-Hasantoo disapproved of the movie’s very theme. “Films must not be encouraged to portray such relationships. I feel it’s a criminal activity. Films should have a positive message for the youth.”

When contacted for a comment, the superintendent of police of the city, Anushul Gupta clarified that the town administration had not banned the movie’s release. “It’s up to the distributors to decide,” he said.