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Amit Shah Says BJP Won’t Tolerate Criticism of the Nation


The BJP will not tolerate criticism of the nation, said party president Amit Shah while addressing the BJP National Executive in New Delhi at the NDMC convention center.

“BJP workers should work on creating awareness across the country against the anti-national activities. Sedition is being camouflaged as freedom of expression. In the name of expression of freedom, the debate on anti-national slogans is being turned in another direction,” said Amit Shah on Saturday.

Amit Shah Says BJP Won’t Tolerate Criticism of the Nation

The BJP, during their 2014 election campaign, were heavily promoting the agenda of growth and development, and they highlighted the development that Narendra Modi, their PM candidate had done in his home state and how they intended to spread the Gujarat model of development across the nation. Now that the elections are done and the BJP is in power, their new agenda for the state elections is that of nationalism.

Amit Shah exerted on the fact that the party will not tolerate criticism of the nation, as he said – “Never tolerate such anti-national slogans. We support freedom of expression, but conspiracy to break the unity and integrity of the nation will not be supported.”

Amit Shah further went ahead and took a shot at Congress VP Rahul Gandhi as he said that while it was not wrong of Rahul Gandhi to visit the JNU, but it was wrong on his part to speak in the support of anti-national elements there. He further criticized the Congress party saying they are the ones who tried to crush the voice of the common people during the emergency era. Amit Shah went ahead to praise SardarVallabhbhai Patel and BhimaraoAmbedkar, saying we owe the unity of the nation to these men.

Further taking shots at the Congress, Shah said “Congress and its vice president Rahul Gandhi are suffering from every kind of negative mentality. That is why they have nothing to do except levying false and senseless charges against the Modi government,” he said.

The nationalism card is expected to be their key mantra for the upcoming polls, and BJP is expected to play the same card in Assam and UP. Shah went ahead to praise the policies that Narendra Modi had brought around and the good work that he was doing in the country and across the planet.