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Bigg Boss Season 9 gets Aman Verma opening up about his personal life


The Bigg Boss Season 9 has so far seen Aman Yatan Verma as composed and restrained. However, the game format has apparently started to get to him and he is now rather chatty. The actor, who had previously been given the boot by the industry for attitude issues, was seen talking about life and career.

In a recent episode, Aman took off a conversation with Rochelle Rao and Mandana Karimi. He spoke about how he made poor choices in his career and personal life and how he did not manage the overnight shoot up of his career trajectory. Aman said that due to lack of proper guidance from somebody he trusted, he lost focus from his goals and ended up doing things he is ashamed of now. He used the word “pompous” for himself.

Aman Verma, who is now forty four years old, also said that at that time, he was in a serious relationship with somebody and in retrospect; he believes that he should have married her. He talked about how life is good to him now, but had he made the right choice then, his life would have been much different.

Aman became a part of the television business back in the 90s, starting with Doordarshan. He was properly noticed through his role of Anupam Kapadia, in the cult hindi serial Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. He has also starred in some very major Bollywood films like Sangharsh, Tees Maar Khan,Baghban, etc. He was a much sought after television anchor, and had popular programmes like Indian Idol and Khul Ja Sim Sim to his credit. However, in 2005, he was embroiled in a casting-couch issue and ever since, his career took a halt. Earlier this year also, Aman was in news for being replaced from a daily soap because he was having behavioural issues.
Let’s see how the rest of his Bigg Boss journey goes.