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David Headley Reveals LeT Attempted to Assassinate Bal Thackrey Once


David Coleman Headley has been a man who has been one of the most important terror links to have been arrested.

Headley’s arrest was a major boost for obtaining information, and time and again there have been many statements from this convicted terrorist which have helped India gain a detailed info about the details that the country might be missing out on.

David Headley Reveals LeT Attempted to Assassinate Bal Thackrey Once

David Headley has now revealed that the Lashkar e Taiba had, at one point of time, made a plan to assassinate iconic Maharashtra leader and Shiv Sena chief, Bal Thackrey.

This information was divulged by the lawyer for Abdul Wahab Khan, one of the alleged plotters of the 26/11 attack found by him when he was examining details from Headley. During his cross-examination, Headley said, “Terror outfit LeT had made an attempt to kill Shiv Sena leader Bal Thackeray but the person was arrested.”

Headley also commented on Tahawwur Rana saying “Rana knew about my association with LeT. I informed him about the training imparted by me to LeT operatives. I disclosed to Rana that I was spying for LeT.

This was four to five months before the 26/11 attacks. Rana objected to my association with LeT. He did not want me to continue using his office in Mumbai. I conceded his objection and started taking steps to close down the office. This was in July 2008.”

Headley was asked several questions, including the ones about his wife, Shazia. Headley refused to answer any questions about her saying that she is still his legally wedded wife, and answering any questions about her or giving details of where she currently is might put her life in danger.

Headley was further asked if he gave incorrect information to the passport authorities in the US, to which he denied having done so. He also said that by giving testimony to this Indian court, he will not benefit from the US Witness Protection program.

Headley further said that he has no details on the attempt made at Bal Thackrey’s life, and says that he did visit Sena Bhawan twice in the past on the insistence of Sajid Mir, his supervisor. An attempt to assassinate Bal Thackrey was later made, but the attacker was arrested, however he managed to flee away from the custody.