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Gangs of Wasseypur 3: Anurag Kashyap wants Zeeshan Qadri


Anurag Kashyap, after the Bombay Velvet debacle, is a busy man. He is already rolling out the plans for the third instalment of the Wasseypur Series. This time he is wanting Zeishan Quadri  to not only write the third part,but also to direct it.


Zeishan Quadri’s directorial debut Meeruthiya Gangsters had its music launch recently. He said, “Now Anurag is after me to write ‘…Wasseypur 3’ and told me to direct it. So I’ve given it a thought and have started writing the script for ‘…Wasseypur 3’.”

Quadri had played the character “Definite” in Wasseypur-2. The film was critically acclaimed and did average business at the box office.

Zeishan Quadri had been given the opportunity by Anurag Kashyap to write Gangs of Wasseypur . But he kept from Kashyap about his directorial venture. “I began my career with him, so obviously I would wish that he watches the film. He is a mentor, but I hadn’t told him that I’m directing a film,” Quadri said.

However when Anurag came to know about this film, he had been jiving around the issue of watching his protégé’s directorial debut.

“Basically he was apprehensive that if the film didn’t turn out to be good, his frank opinion about the film not being good would hurt me. He might have thought I’ll tell him, ‘You didn’t help in the making and now you’re calling it bad’.

“Then Vasan Bala, the director of Peddlers saw the film and praised it. That’s when Kashyap agreed to watch the film. And then he decided to sit on the edit and even decided to present the film,” Quadri said.

Kashyap has now shot a video in which he has given a review of the film Meeruthiya Gangsters. He says in the video that he had not expected Quadri to make such an enchanting film. Meeruthiya Gangsters shall be releasing on the 18th of September.