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Google’s Self Driving Car Crashes


As the top companies like Google and others make their way towards the future by stepping in to the self-driving cars technology. But they all face a daunting task on the spot as to how to deal with the sudden carelessness of the human driving a car. This task is not going to change the world in its favor overnight and there will be years when the cars with and without drivers will have to co-exist. After all it might never happen that there are no drivers at all.


The High Tech Google vehicles have been involved in quite a number of little bumps and scratches, all because of the carelessness of a human driver in the other vehicle. However, Google faced its worst crash a couple of days ago when its self driving Lexus SUV was crashed by another car, again the driver was at fault. In the picture we can see the passenger side door lethally smashed because of that crash. It was reported that nobody got hurt. The reason Google gave was that the other driver ran over a red light causing the crash.

Google tends to deliver monthly reports on its driverless projects and this incident is surely set to make it in this months’ report. In a more detailed report, Google stated, “When a car heading westbound on El Camino Real ran a red light and collided with the right side of our vehicle.” By this statement Google clearly suggests that the self driving car was not at any fault, Google further added that its light was green for “at least six seconds before our car entered the intersection,” right after which the other vehicle crashed its own.

Google also noted that “Thousands of crashes happen everyday on U.S. roads, and red-light running is the leading cause of urban crashes in the U.S. Human error plays a role in 94 percent of these crashes, which is why we’re developing fully self-driving technology to make our roads safer.”