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Huccha Venkat attacks Ravi Mooruru: Bigg Boss 3 Kannada


Huccha Venkat, the contestant in the present season of Bigg Boss 3′ Kannada has been a complete amusement package, but is in the news nowadays for wrong reasons. Huccha Venkat has been left out of the show after he had beaten up Ravi Mooruru. The bizzare incident occurred while Kiccha Sudeep and he was having a conversation.
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Earlier, the things had gone worse on the show when the contestants, Huccha Venkat and Ravi Mooruru had a serious clash on day 8. The situation even worsened when, the producer-actor threatened to attack the Ravi, after the completion of the show. The fight took place as Huccha was angry at a comment passed by Ravi Mooruru recently, relating about his fans and he waited for the right time for the retaliation. It seemed like Venkat had planned well in advance to have a quarrel with Mooruru on Sudeep’s special show. Though much of the damage was averted by the intervention of Rehman, Chandan and others.

Previously, the rage between them started off after Ravi Mooruru tried to advise Huccha Venkat with some issues. Ravi started the conversation when he was trying to explain him that his lack of participation had let to the losses, particularly in the previous task. He even went to the extent of pointing out that Huccha’s behavior of demanding tea/coffee at midnight, would raise concerns for women. To this, Huccha Venkat, in his usual way, disagreed and was not ready to accept what Ravi was saying. His stubbornness led to Mooruru’s anger as he lost his temper. Later, the other contestants, RJ Nethra and Rahman combined with Ravi Mooruru to convince Huccha Venkat, but of course in a smooth way. Huccha eventually told that he managed his anger. But, he also said that respects women a lot and had requested the women for preparing tea/coffee for him, rather than ordering them which was said against him.

This was the first time in “Bigg Boss” Kannada show that such an incident has occurred. Even the Kannada television audience, is stunned by the tragic incident. With such a huge incident occurring, the TRP of the show is sure to rise.