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ICC World T20 2016 : Don’t Bowl Yorkers, said Dhoni, as India defeated Bangladesh


Last night, India was a part of a match which will be remembered for a very long time. This world cup has been all about defying the odds.

Many teams have managed to pull shocking victories out of nowhere, and many countries have lost matches which were almost considered a sealed deal for them.

ICC World T20 2016  Don’t Bowl Yorkers, said Dhoni, as India defeated Bangladesh

Unfortunately for Bangladesh, the country found itself in the latter half of the statement above. India brought back victory from the jaws of defeat, as Bangladesh was just an inch away from the win, but fell short by just 1 measly run.

The ICC T20 World Cup 2016 is full of surprises, and this was indeed one of the biggest ones. India winning here boosts the chances of them reaching to the Semi-Finals.

The last three balls were what turned the game around for Bangladesh, as the team needed 2 runs off three balls, but instead got three wickets in three, which included a run-out.

Dhoni said that there were many options he had for the final over, saying that there were Yuvraj, Raina and Pandya, but the reason he chose Bumrah was explained when he said:

“Reason being the batsmen were scoring quite freely at that point of time. I knew I had to get one over from somebody, whether it’s a spinner or Pandya. I said what’s important right now is to make a game out of it.

That’s when I said I would use a proper bowler at this point of time [19th over], and we will see how many runs are needed in the last over. According to that we will decide who is the person who can bowl.”

MSD was all praises for the young bowler, saying:

“Bumrah bowled really well, the second over that he bowled, he was under pressure, with the field restrictions.

It was a reflection of his misfield and the dropped catch, but he had to forget about what happened and that’s what we told. I feel he is somebody who is very good with the yorkers and he did very well.”

Dhoni also said that he was impressed with the way Pandya responded to pressure and bowled well in the match. He further said that the match was a good learning curve for both the sides, and also praised Mahmudullah Riyadh, the Bangladesh finisher.

He said that had that ball gone for a six, it would have been an incredible finish for them but that’s what cricket is and you never know what might happen.