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ICC World T20 2016: Weather Tonight – Gaylestorm! Chris Gayle Single Handedly Destroys England


One of the most feared names when it comes to the world of cricket, Chris Gayle is a monster of a man.

Standing in there with a bat which is often twice as heavy as one which is held by a normal batsman, Gayle has been known to be quite a destructive force within the cricket field.

ICC World T20 2016 Weather Tonight – Gaylestorm! Chris Gayle Single Handedly Destroys England

A name which will often shatter the confidence of the bowlers, Gayle played one of the best knocks of his career last night during the ICC World T20 2016 as he single handedly wrecked the English bowling and fielding attacks.

While England, batting first, scored 182 runs, it seemed like they had scored a decent total at the Wankhede Stadium, where anything above 165 is often seen as a winning total, the team’s high morale was suddenly brought to a screeching stop as Chris Gayle plundered through their bowling line-ups.

Chasing a total of 182, Gayle played in his typical fashion, hitting only 21 odd balls in the first ten overs, and going berserk in the next ten as he slammed fours and sixes as he pleased. The man shook several records as he blasted his way to a 47 ball century.

In what seems like the final world cup for the 36 year old Chris Gayle, he intends to leave a mark. England had the misfortune of being the first team to face an itching Gayle, who wanted to destroy the opposition.

Gayle broke the records of the most number of sixes in a T20 innings, as he slammed 11 sixes across a clueless English bowling attack. The previous record was by Gayle himself, and that was of 10 sixes, in 2007. Interestingly, that was his first century, and this was only his second.

Gayle also took over the record of being the biggest six-hitter in the history of T20 internationals, as he took over the recently retired Brendon McCullum.

Towards the final few overs, Gayle had had such an impression on the English bowlers that they seemed absolutely terrified to bowl to the man, as there were plenty of wide balls in the innings towards the end.

Interestingly, in the previous match, another colossus in the world of cricket had awoken from his slumber, as Shahid Afridi turned out with an awe-inspiring performance at Eden Gardens.