Home Entertainment ‘Indian’ Salman Khan Pleads Not-Guilty To Blackbuck Case

‘Indian’ Salman Khan Pleads Not-Guilty To Blackbuck Case


Salman Khan has been one of the most dominating names when it comes to Bollywood and entertainment. The man has been one of the most recognized names in the world of cinema in India, and has achieved a great success. With almost every movie of his being a blockbuster success, Salman has achieved nearly every milestone there is in Bollywood.

‘Indian’ Salman Khan Pleads Not-Guilty To Blackbuck Case

However, the one thing that the ‘Bhai’ of Bollywood could not do was the clear his name off some of the allegations that have been following him over the past several years.

On Thursday, Salman Khan was called on in a Jodhpur court, where he pleaded not-guilty to a Chief Judicial Magistrate in the Arms Act Case that has been filed against him since 1998. Salman Khan has now said that he was ‘framed’ in the case by the forest officials.

Salman, who was present before the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Dalpat Singh Rajpurohit in the morning in Jodhpur introduced himself to the court as: “I am Salman Khan and I am an Indian, that is what I mention in my caste column.”

Salman, during the session said that he was being “falsely implicated” in the case in which he has been accused of using weapons with expired license for alleged blackbuck hunting.

Upon being shown the statement that he had signed, and after witness UdayRaghvan stating the he had brought arms on Salman’s directions, Salman Khan has now said the he signed the statement while he was under the pressure from the forest officials.

During the court statement, Salman Khan also refuted the allegations made against him by two other witnesses: ShivcharanBohraand Mumbai Police Inspector Pandat Vijay Narayan.

Salman pleaded not-guilty to the case, and has now been asked to provide evidence of his guilt that support the fact that he is innocent. The court will again take a hearing on the 4th of April on the matter. Additional public prosecutor Dinesh Tiwari said this was the last chance for Khan to produce the witnesses or evidences in support of his defense.

Salman Khan has been in and out of legal trouble quite often, as in the past, Salman had been involved in a long legal battle where he was recently proved not-guilty of drunk driving which ended up taking the lives of several people who sleep in the footpath.