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Jammu and Kashmir – The Deadlock Continues, BJP Does Not Accept PDP’s Conditions


The deadlock over the Jammu and Kashmir government formation has been around for quite a while. Both the parties, the BJP and the PDP are unwilling to come to a common conclusion.

However, Mehbooba Mufti, who is expected to make her second trip to Delhi in five days today, is expected to finally resolve the matters. According to Mufti there has been a lot of miscommunication over the formation of the government, and she intends to resolve this as she meets the BJP high command today.

Jammu and Kashmir – The Deadlock Continues, BJP Does Not Accept PDP’s Conditions

What was even more surprising was that during the BJP National Executive meet last weekend, not a word was spoken by the leaders over the J&K government formation. Arun Jaitley, however, commented that the party is committed to the agenda of forming a government in Jammu and Kashmir.

On Thursday Mehbooba Mufti had met BJP President Amit Shah, but they did not come to any conclusions.

This is likely because the BJP has refused to accept certain conditions which have been laid down by the PDP for an alliance. BJP MLA Ravindar Raina has said that while the party will never accept the new conditions laid down by Mufti, “Several PDP legislators who are in favor of the formation of the government in the state and who also don’t want midterm polls in the state are in touch with the BJP leadership for the formation of the government.”

However, when contacted, the PDP had a whole different story to tell. According to the PDP, they have no new demands, but they just need an assurance that the “agenda of alliance” will be implemented the way it is supposed to.

“The BJP is trying to give an impression that the PDP is making some new demands for the government formation which is not true. We only want implementation of the agenda of alliance. These misgivings have to be cleared,” this is the miscommunication that Mufti intends to clear during her visit to Delhi today.

It has been time and again noted that though her father was keen on BJP support, Mehbooba does not share such a close bond with the BJP, and has in fact been known to be not much of a BJP supporter either.

However, she has repeatedly said that the alliance will indeed take place, because that’s how her late father wished it to be like.