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Kapil Sharma vs Krushna Abhishek : Krushna Terms Kapil’s New Show A ‘Healthy Competition’


Indian television has been changing. The tastes and the preferences of the users are no longer fixed to the saas-bahu shows, and the average viewer is no longer a housewife. The Indian television scenario has broadened up and a much smarter programming is now needed to gain the attention of more and more viewers.

Kapil Sharma vs Krushna Abhishek Krushna Terms Kapil’s New Show A ‘Healthy Competition’

While daily soaps and housewife-centric content is still there, the Indian television has now opened up to newer and fresher ideas, and comedy has boomed in the country. While it truly started with the ‘great Indian laughter challenge’ back in the mid-2000s, it has truly boomed now and the Indian comedy scene is no longer what it used to be.

Almost every channel wants their own comedy show now. Even news channels want one! In such changing times, the name of Kapil Sharma has reached an utmost superstardom.

After breaking ways with Colors, which used to air his show comedy nights with Kapil, Kapil now has his own show in Sony, ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, which kicks off from the 23rd of April. However, colors, too, will continue with their comedy show, calling it ‘Comedy Nights Live’, and comedian KrushnaAbhishek is now set to lead the show.

“God willing, let Kapil’s show get the ratings. I would say that both shows get good ratings. Kapil’s show will be a healthy competition, he will also enjoy it because we will give them tough competition, like we are currently giving, and we will also enjoy that he would give us healthy competition. What happens because of competition is that both will do good work.”, said Krsuhna when he was contacted for a statement on Kapil starting off a new show.

Krushna further went on to say that only Kapil can give them competition and only they are worthy enough to give Kapil a competition, when it comes to the world of comic programming on television. Krushna also went ahead and compared Kapil Sharma’s show and his own show as two masterpieces from ace director, Sanjay LeelaBhansali, saying:

“It’s a good thing that both of us are giving a tough fight to each other. One on side there is Sanjay LeelaBhansali’s ‘Devdas’ and on the other hand there is ‘BajiraoMastani’, and if those two will clash, people will enjoy it.”