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Kashmakash: Zindagi Channel’s New Treat


Zee Zindagi has refreshed its 10 pm band. Now thi space will be taken up a new show.  This new launch is ‘Kashmakash’. The first episode was aired on 31st August. The promo for the same has attracted a lot of viewers, especially because the storyline seems novel.

Kashmakash revolves around the life of two couples whose lives have been entangled in a strange manner. The first couple is that of Saba and Yousuf Mirza whose characters are played by Sajal Ali and Affan Waheed. The other couple is that of Rahana and Dr Adeel played by Juggun Kazim and Faisal Rehman.

The promo shows that Yousuf and Rahana have met with a serious accident and have gone into a coma because of that. Since they were together in a car at the time of the accident, they are assumed to be a couple.Their spouses are surprised and shocked as they were unaware of any bond or acquaintance between these two. This gives birth to various thoughts and possibilities and answered questions.

The show will be aired for six days per week from Monday to Saturday. ‘Kashmakash’, with its storyline, gives viewers a chance to see the conflicts and realisations in two marriages. Various secrets are promised to be unveiled later in the show. A seed of doubt, once planted, can lead to the end of the strongest of relationships.

Even as Saba is optimistic and does not let doubt destroy their marriage, Adeel is very quick to assume things and tries to implant such thoughts in Saba’s mind.

In total, there are 19 episodes of the Drama. It was originally aired in Pakistan on A Plus Entertainment by the name “Mera Raqeeb” which means “My rival in love”.

The happy life of two couples is at stake. To sum up.
Channel: A Plus( Pakistan) and Zee Zindagi (India)
Actors: Sajal Ali, Affan Waheed, Juggun Kazim and Faisal Rehman.
Director: Imran Aslam
Writer: Naila Ansari

  • Madhu Kamat

    nyc drama i like affan waheed………….gr8 actor…………i also watched affan’s drama main bushra n devraniyyan……….affan is the best……..