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Lakshmy Ramakrishnan lodges complaint against Vijay TV


Lakshmy Ramakrishnan , who is an Acress-turned-director battered Vijay Television’s show ‘Adhu Idhu Edhu’ on Thursday . Moreover, the show had made a spoof of the actress.


Lakshmy Ramakrishnan hosted a famous Television reality show on Zee Tamil called “Solvathellam Unmai” which is aired each Monday to Friday at 8:30-9:30pm. The first season was hosted by Nirmala Periyasamy while Lakshmy Ramakrishnan hosted the second one. There is also a third season of this reality show hosted by Sudha Chandran. Being well-known for their spoofs, Vijay TV used this reality show and spoofed Lakshmi in their comedy show, “Adhu Idhu Edhu”. Although Lakshmy was spoofed, she took part in the same show on being invited.

Also in an interview, Lakshmy said that, by spoofing her show, Vijay TV has added more credits to her popularity.

Vijay TV’s Comedy Program “Adhu Idhu Edhu” made mockery of Lakhmy Ramakrishnan and the show incessantly by using her favourite dialogue “Police a Koopide” “Ennama Ippadi Panreengale Ma” and also some other dialogues, thus infuriating Lakshmy initially.

However, Vijay TV added fuel to the fire when it released the promo video of “Enna,a Ippadi Panreengale Ma” the second version. While Lakshmi took to twitter and posted   “@vijaytelevision will you stop this nonsensemble, ask ur performers to find something else to make their money!” and also added that “See you at court @vijaytelevision….”

In a recent interview with one of the newspapers Lakshmy said, “There is a limit to everything. When the same show featured a spoof for the first time, I was amused and I liked it, too. The actors of that spoof did a good job. But they can’t keep ridiculing me again and again. Now, they have made a spoof of Solvethellam Unmai again on their comedy show. I want to be known in a certain way and I don’t want to be popular for the tagline — Ennama Ippadi Panreengale Ma. I have been patient, but now, I will be filing a case against the channel soon.”

Lakshmy Ramakrishnan has acted in a number of television shows and movies. She is also the recipient of the ‘special jury award’ at the 7th Vijay awards.