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Lalit Modi and Preity Zinta alleged connections over IPL


Soon after the 2010 IPL, Lalit Modi former IPL Chairman was suspended from BCCI after being charged of financial irregularities. An investigation was also conducted and disapproved him for life in 2013 after a committee found him guilty of these charges. He is presently a wanted man by the Enforcement Directorate (ED), for his alleged role in money-laundering and irregularities in IPL contracts.

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Shortly, over the past week the Lalit Gate controversy has taken a new development. Reportedly, in the newspapers it was revealed that were connections between Lalit Modi and Kings XI Co owner Preity Zinta, regarding the ownership pattern of IPL Franchise.  However both the parties have denied the allegations. The emails were scrutinized sent by an Australian attorney to Lalit Modi and his brother Samir having an attachment which indicated the formers alleged ‘Beneficial Interest’ in three IPL franchises.

“They will jointly own the beneficial interest currently owned by Lalit in three IPL teams, provided, however that in the event Lalit and Samir agree not to jointly own the acquired KK Trust Assets, then as soon as Samir receives his share of the Acquired KK Trust Assets, his interest in the IPL teams will be transferred back to Lalit,” Attorney Dean Kino’s email read. After a thorough speculation of the entire email between the parties reveal direct connection between Preity Zinta, Lalit Modi and other Stakeholders and also Sanjivan Sahani.

“Let’s agree to sell. Please communicate with Mohit,” Modi had written to Sahani on November 22, 2014. This email was in response to another mail that Zinta sent to Modi the previous day, in which clear references of a possible “deal” were and included a short note: “Hey Lalit, FYI.”

In that particular email, Zinta had written: “The email below is self-explanatory and next week we will get the other paperwork and (the) final timeline to move ahead with this deal. This person has been vetted by the BCCI also and is a decent businessman with a Punjabi background. Let me know your thoughts and pls keep this to yourselves as no one should know about (it) till the deal is done and signed off by us and BCCI. He is also ready to put money in escrow as we move forward so let’s make this happen and close it.”

A spokesperson for Modi responded justified the email content: “Lalit Modi has been known to the stakeholders of KXIP because when the IPL was established by him in 2008, KXIP was one of the allotted teams. Due to his knowledge on the subject, a general enquiry was made by the stakeholders about an offer they had received from an interested party. There is nothing more to it.”