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Manisha Koirala gets back to acting after cancer fight


Manisha Koirala is back to acting. She is doing a film with director Lenin Rajendran. It is a Malyali flick called Edavappathy, which she was promoting recently in a press conference in Trivandrum.
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Dressed in a navy blue and gold kurta, Manisha spoke mostly about her battle with cancer and how she is back to her work. “Life is a gift from God and we should stay positive every moment we are alive,” she said. Stressing on the relevancy of a positive attitude during the course of a cancer treatment, Manisha said that she was not at all happy with the method with which cancer patients are portrayed in films.

Elaborating on this opinion, she said, “cancer is portrayed as a fatal disease in every film. We give a lot of false information about cancer through our movies which should be corrected.” She also said that there was life after cancer and that in her tough times; she turned towards fighters like cricketer Yuvraj Singh and actress Lisa Ray for inspiration.

The present film is about the mental predicaments of a Tibetan Buddhist, who lives in India. Manisha has also said her bit on the intolerance debate that is going on in the country. According to her, it’s wrong to say that the whole country of India is intolerant.

She said certain sections maybe intolerant, but she believes in the traditions and culture of India and in doing what is right. “Every soul has the freedom to live their own life. I cannot force you to live according to my views. I believe in certain liberal world,” she said.
The actress also commented on the dependency of individuals on smoking and said that it was an “extremely harmful thing to do in life.” She also said that issues like women empowerment, especially along the line of equality and education, is a burning issue of our country.