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Mastizaade : FIR Filed Over Condom Controversy, Stars in Trouble


India has been a country where traditionalism has prevailed with a mix of modern concepts.

The country is a young nation, where newer and more radical concepts are secretly accepted but openly rejected.

Mastizaade  FIR Filed Over Condom Controversy, Stars in Trouble

In such a country, the genre of adult cinema has been rising rapidly, and after several such small-scale movies, 2016 has had two major releases early on in the year.

Mastizaade being one of the two, has received an average response from the viewers, but a wild rage of criticism from the conservative section of the society, saying that the movie is against the Indian ethics and values.

A FIR has now been filed on team Mastizaade over a controversial scene by advocate Gautam Gulati, who claims that the actors were discussing about condoms inside a temple in a ‘vulgar’ manner.

The FIR has been filed against Milap Zaveri, the director of the movie, as well as actors Sunny Leone, Tusshar Kapoor, and Vir Das.

The FIR has been filed in the Adarsh Nagar police station in Mumbai. This complaint has been filed over ‘hurting religious sentiments’.

Gautam Gulati, the man who has filed the FIR was the same man who had earlier filed a complaint against Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan for wearing shoes inside a temple during the shooting of popular Indian reality show Bigg Boss 9.

Actress Sunny Leone, who is a part of the movie was also a part of a recent controversial interview with interviewer Bhupendra Chaubey on CNN-IBN.

The interviewer had attacked Sunny with a flurry of questions regarding her past as an actress of adult movies, and her transition into Indian cinema, which is more about the family audiences as per his assessment.

Time and again during this controversial interview, Sunny was asked if she regrets her past.

However, after this tumultuous interview, Sunny was the one who had the last laugh, as she came out with her dignity intact, making the interviewer look a small man, aiming to malign her.

Bollywood came out in support of Sunny, with everyone from Aamir Khan to other top names in the industry complementing her on the way she held herself, hailing her a ‘rockstar’.

The recent FIR has been yet another controversy that surrounds this movie, as the movie has been in enough legal troubles already over the kind of language and symbolism they had been using.