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Mehbooba Mufti Meets Narendra Modi, Says Meeting Was “Positive”


The president of the PDP, Mehbooba Mufti has been among one of the frequent visitors of Delhi these days. After the death of her father, the former CM of Jammu and Kashmir, the alliance between the PDP and BJP looked like it was on shaking grounds.

Mehbooba Mufti Meets Narendra Modi, Says Meeting Was “Positive”

There have been various reports and rumors that while her father was in good terms with the ruling party, she is of a different thought process. However, she has publicly said that the alliance with the BJP will be continued, as that was her father’s wish, and she intends to continue the same.

In her second visit to Delhi in a week, Mufti met Prime Minister Modi, and it is being said that this has been a meeting which has sealed the deal for the PDP-BJP alliance.

The meeting between the Prime Minister and Mehbooba Mufti took place at his official residence at the 7 Race Course Road, and emerging out of the house, Mufti looked rather pleased, and said that the meeting went ‘positive’.

“Naturally, when you meet the PM and have positive talks, the way is cleared for the resolution of problems being faced by the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” she said.

It has been two months since her father, Mufti Mohammed Sayeed passed away and the state has been without a government. While the PDP and the BJP were in deadlock for two months, President’s rule was imposed in the state. In the 87 member assembly, the PDP stands strong with 27 MLAs, while the BJP is close at 25. Together, they form the majority and a ruling number.

Last Thursday, Mufti had come to Delhi, and had talks with Amit Shah. However that did not seem to resolve much for them, and it is being said that the Prime Minister has convinced the party to work together.

The meeting with the Prime Minister was a brief 15 minute talk. “We are seeing a stalemate for last two to three months over government formation in the state but today I am satisfied. I am very satisfied,” she said.

56-year-old Mehbooba Mufti is expected to soon be the next Chief Minister for Jammu and Kashmir as the official terms of their agreement have been made public. She is expected to hold meetings with her MLAs over the next few days as they finalize on the proceedings from here on.