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Mr India Anil Kapoor’s son and Sonam Kapoor’s brother Harshwardhan Kapoor in remake


Anil Kapoor’s Mr. India was a part of the major offbeat cinema that has had unparalleled popularity. For those born in the 90s, it is one of those very few “Films for Children” that they were allowed to see as kids. Of course parental guidance was recommended for the sultry “I love you” song, but hardly anybody can deny that Sridevi at that time had put up quite a standard of the stuff that guy-dreams are made of.  That’s Mr. India for you: Bollywood sci-fi, family bonding, romance and the ultimate victory of the protagonist over Mogambo the villain. I could go on, but that would be off the topic.


There have been confirmations coming up that an ambitious sequel of this hit from 1987 is being developed and apparently Bollywood’s Mr. India Anil Kapoor is having quite a say in most of its major aspects. To name one such involvement, would be to put forward the possibility that his son, the hitherto unnoticed Harshwardhan Kapoor  is being seriously considered for the lead role of Arun Verma. Harshwardhan has not even ventured in acting uptill now, let alone proving capability. Word around is that daddy Anil Kapoor is still contemplating this massive leap of faith.

This predicament seems understandable, albeit as an understatement, because there is also quite a lot of conjecture going on that the same Harshwardhan Kapoor is maybe being considered to reprise the role of his father in the remake of the Bollywood masala film “Ram Lakhan”. Needless to say,  its a tough call because the original Ram Lakhan, which also starred Tiger Shroff’s father Jackie Shroff, was a huge commercial success and people from the 90s will still remember it.

Till date, Harshwardhan has done his job behind the camera and had worked with Anurag Kashyap in the debacle Bombay Velvet. He will be seen in Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra’s Mirziya