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Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar Share Stage In Patna, Modi Silences Trolls


Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar have had quite a history. The two men, at one point of time, have been close associates, and later bitter enemies.

Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar Share Stage In Patna, Modi Silences Trolls

Relations between Modi and Nitish Kumar turned really sour over the last few years, and the two didn’t see eye to eye for several occasions. There would be times one of the two would drop out of the event where the other was present. However, after a long period of this awkward behavior, Modi and Nitish Kumar have finally shared the stage in Patna, and then at Hajipur.

During the 100 year celebration of the Patna High Court, Modi and Nitish both gave speeches, and took care not to hurt each others political sentiments. The two men also showed warmth to each other, and during the Nitish Kumar almost complimented Modi when he said, “India is now more capable. Its internal strength has increased. Its democracy is now stronger.”

There have been many occasions on which critics have said that Nitish Kumar has been spreading intolerance in the country, and has undermined democracy. This statement came out as a strong response to shut these critics up.

During the Hajipur event, where the two leaders again shared stage later on Saturday, they both sat next to each other too. Nitish Kumar spoke of co-operation and mutual growth, as he said “The centre and state should work together and we are committed for a free and independent judiciary.”

Modi too commented on the development of Bihar. Nitish Kumar had also gone to welcome the Prime Minister at the Patna Airport.

During the Hajipur event,  while the Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar talked about the bridge over the Ganga river that had been built, the Modi fans in the audience started chanting Modi-Modi during his speech, not allowing him to speak. It was then that Modi stood up and shushed the crowds, allowing the Biihar CM to continue his speech.

While Nitish Kumar was the face of the campaign where he joined hands with Lalu Prasad Yadav’s RJD and the Congress party, who beat the BJP and allies from Bihar, the two were looking quite friendly at the event.

While they posed for photos, something Modi said had everybody in smiles.

  • Cybil Peril

    Nitish has lost his credibility by aligning with Lalu. Bihar is already in Lalu spate of violence, extortions, rapes and other heinous crimes. Nitish can never do good of Bihar in collusion with branded and convicted criminal like Lalu. Bihari people has realised their mistake. Not again but too late.