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Nia Sharma gets controversial with Reyhna Malhotra of Jamai Raja over a kiss


Good Morning to all our dedicated readers! Throughout the week the controversies of Celebrities going bold is taking a toll. Last it was Aditi Rao and any guesses for who’s next? Well, it’s our ‘Daring Darling’ Nia Sharma.


Nia Who is already known for her Bold attitude gets a tad more Bolder this time. The recent update about the actress has surprised everyone to the core. But No matter how Bold she gets nobody expected the ‘Jamai Raja’ Actress to Go around kissing a girl. Yes! You heard it right.

Nia’s bolder image got it more Bolder when her very close friend named Reyhna Malhotra created a frenzy on the social media by posting a snapshot with Nia Sharma in which the Duo is seen kissing! Who expected this coming from the two besties? However, Reyhna deleted the picture after being flooded with nothing but a negative response from her dear fans! Nia and Reyhna Both share the TV screen in the same serial ‘Jamai Raja’ which is aired on Zee TV.

Reyhna got totally disappointed by the controversy which spread like a wild fire and disgusted her fans. Reportedly, on a news website she said “Why so much hype about it? When a girl can kiss on cheeks, why not on lips? Nia and I, are very different kind of people. We like each other’s positive attitude and fashion sense. We have become very good friends and we enjoy each other’s company.”

“I had put up this pic on Instagram but fans took it very negatively. They started posting bad comments on the pic. Hence I had to take it off from Instagram. I want to make it clear that we both are not lesbians and very much straight. People kiss because they like that person. And with Nia and I share a very cute bond,” she added.