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OnMobile’s Ringback Tone customer base crosses the 65 million mark


On August 24th, 2015, Telecom VAS Company OnMobile announced that its signature Rinkback tone has reached more than 65 million customers worldwide while delivering approximately 525 million music plays daily.

“I am delighted with the widening appeal of our Ringback Tone product and the fact that many more mobile consumers across the world will now be able to personalize the calling experience of their friends, family and contacts,” Chief Commercial Officer of OnMobile Sanjay Bhambri said.


On 24th February, 2015, OnMobile Global Limited had declared that the customer base for its signature Ringback Tone Product (RBT) had reached 60 million with the delivery of around 500 million music plays daily. Over the last six months, robust growth has been recorded which made the customer base reach upto 65 million. This means an addition of 5 million consumers and 25 million daily music plays.

OnMobile’s Ringback Tone Product (RBT) is currently providing services in 41 countries throughout the globe. It gives access to this service through more than 60 top global telecommunications operators.

This is being seen a very impressive milestone which undoubtedly underscores the growth momentum of the most significant offering of the company. Moreover, the new record set by the company affirms the leadership position of OnMobile in the mobile music space globally.

Last year Qatar, Nigeria and Mozambique were added to the list of its markets. It also proceeded with 9 new deployments globally.

A ringback tone (RBT) is an audible indication more like a tune that is heard by the originator of a mobile telephone call when the destination being called is ringing and while the caller waits for the call to be answered. Ringback Tones by OnMobile can be customized to include music, special messages and various other sounds.

OnMobile is based in Bangalore, India and has the potential to reach around 1.1 billion mobile users across several geographies globally. Visit www.onmobile.com for more information.