Home Entertainment Pratyusha Banerjee of Balika Vadhu files FIR against eight men

Pratyusha Banerjee of Balika Vadhu files FIR against eight men


Indian television soap opera actress Pratyusha Banerjee has filed a complaint against eight men, out of which three are policemen. The basis for this First Information Report (FIR) is that, according to Pratyusha, the named eight persons have attempted to forcibly enter the premises of her place of residence. Pratyusha lives in Kandivali, Mumbai.


This incident of attempted unwarranted barging took place this Monday evening. Going by the account that Pratyusha herself has given about the incident, these eight people had arrived at her residence that evening and had demanded to see Rahul Raj Singh, who is a friend of Pratyusha. Rahul Raj Singh is also an actor and has been seen in daily television serials.

Pratyusha Bannerjee has also given a full account of the events of that evening to popular new agency, the IANS. She said that when she told these eight people that Rahul Raj Singh was not inside her home, the eight men had shown no signs of backing off and had instead attempted to trespass upon her residence by forcing their way indoors.

In her statement, Pratyusha said, “I am extremely upset with whatever happened last evening. If this is how policemen are going to behave, then what to do? I have filed an FIR against eight men, of whom three are policemen”.

She also added that, “they entered my house, pushed my door, they were misbehaving with me and were so rude. It took me three hours to convince the police to file the FIR since police themselves were also involved in it. Today I am going to meet the (area) DCP”.

The reason for this is that Rahul Raj Singh had taken a car loan and was being irregular with the payments. The night of December 31, 2015 also, the said bank had sent a recovery agent to get a sum of Rs 5,000, which the EMI for the month of December. That recovery agent had also harassed the duo since he had showed up drunk and had refused to leave the premises despite being given the money. Rahul had at that time shoved the guy out himself. Probably this time they had come looking for Rahul again and when Pratyusha told them that he was not there, they misbehaved.