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Priyanka Chopra Comments On Baywatch Role, Says It Was Scripted For A Man


Priyanka Copra has been a name which has been becoming the iconic Indian megastar across the planet.

Priyanka Chopra Comments On Baywatch Role, Says It Was Scripted For A Man

She has been prominent among the Hollywood circles, and has been coming out with various releases in movies, music videos as well as stars in her own English TV show, which is a major achievement for her, and it helps bring the Indian talent at a grander level.

India is proud of PC, and she has just made us prouder, as Priyanka has now bagged a role in one of the most iconic franchises of all times – Baywatch!

Priyanka features in Baywatch as the villain, Victoria Deeds. This announcement of Priyanka being a part of the Baywatch series was announced by none other than the single most electrifying man in the world of entertainment – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as he took to Instagram and posted a video alongside Priyanka, officially welcoming her to the cast of Baywatch.

With megastars like the Rock backing her, Priynka must find it easy to get roles in Hollywood, no? No.

The role that Priyanka is playing in the Baywatch series was actually written for a man, she later revealed.

“It is so much fun to play a negative character because you have the liberty to go out of your comfort zone and do anything.

Victoria is a very mean character,” Priyanka told PTI in an interview over phone from Montreal, Canada. “It (the role) was initially written for a man and they were talking to me for another part.

But after the director met me, they thought I would be better as a villain and then they changed the character to be a female,” said the actress.

With Quantico being renewed and currently being filmed for a second season, and with her landing a role in the Baywatch series, it looks like PC’s star is on the rise once again, this time in the western world, as she makes us proud with these releases.

“It was really exciting that they changed the role for me. You have to be a very strong character to take on ‘The Rock’ and entire lifeguard squad. They will be six whereas I am alone. It looked very cool to me,” she commented.

We can’t wait to watch PC rock the TV screens as Victoria Deeds, can you?