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Priyanka Chopra makes India eager with Quantico


Priyanka Chopra’s Quantico has been making ripples in the American television business and for all the right reasons. Even though the serial itself has not been hailed as anything extraordinary, compared to American Classics like “How to Get Away with Terror” which deal with the same theme as Quantico, which is about America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and how it secretly counters terrorism. The programme has been reviewed with ridiculously low ratings.


However, everybody has been looking forward to see our Bollywood Priyanka Choprain action. If online views are to be believed, the American viewers are enamoured by Priyanka Chopra’s popularity in India and feel that Josh Safran the rest of the production team should have made better use of her.

At the end of episode one, its Priyanka Chopra that people want to see more of. The beginning of the serial has just introduced an attractive star cast of newly inducted members to the FBI and how one of them unleashes an attack on the United States of America.

The viewers are introduced to the show via Alex (Chopra). The new class at Quantico assembles for the first time and their first task is to pull out dirt on each other, which exposes secrets of the members pretty soon. For example, Simon is a gay son of a staunch Zionist family and has been hiding the fact that he has spent time in Gaza. Ryan (Chopra’s sexcapade in a car, in the series) has been spying on Alex, under the order of a Special Agent. The funniest is perhaps Nimah, a hijab clad Muslim girl, who has been sharing the spot in her class with her identical twin sister, and has managed to keep this from the rest of the recruits!

Alex, on the other hand has the most Hindi-film secret. She had fatally shot her father when he, in an inebriated state was being brutal and sadistic with her mother. It was only after his death that Alex comes to know that he was secretly working with the FBI. The story continues that there has been a big blast at Grand City Terminal in New York for which Alex is suspected and is arrested. However, the Director of Quantico, Miranda Shaw helps her to escape and investigate her classmates and find the correct terrorist.

How well the show fares, is yet o be seen. But Priyanka Chopra sure is, in a happy place.