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Rajasthan Judge: Parents cannot pass custody of child to Religious Guru


After listening to a petition filed by the grandparents of a five- month- old boy against his parents’ decision to hand over his custody to their religious guru, the High Court of Rajasthan decided that the child must stay with the parents.

Even as the case will be heard again after four weeks, Justice Bela M. Trivedi made clear that the adoption deed in favoring Ram Dayal Maharaj would cease to be effective till the pendency of the writ. Ram Dayal Mahajar alias Chote Sarkar is a guru of the Dada Darbar sect which has its headquarters at Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

The maternal and paternal grandparents of the boy Mulkraj had moved the court when the police and Human Rights Commission of the State did not pay any heed to their complaints. What happened was that the Chote Sarkar convinced the parents of the boy that would give him the best upbringing and prevent the child from the evils of the world. The parents had become such blind devotees after many interactions that they willingly agreed. Acting upon the orders of the State, the boy was brought to court on Saturday from Chote Sarkar’s ashram in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh.

This comes at a time when religious leaders are converting their followers into such devotees that they are blindly doing bizarre things for them. In this case, the mother of the child even holds a doctorate in Commerce.
The Court declared that it is up to the child whether he becomes a saint or a devil and this custody must be denied.