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Ranbir-Katrina Starts Again Shooting Of Jagga Jasoos After Breakup


Shooting a movie is a costly process, and many producers might be in a win-all lose-all situation while shooting one.Ranbir-Katrina Starts Again Shooting Of Jagga Jasoos After Breakup

While Anurag Basu is one of the most prominent names in the world of production, what happened in the shooting of Jagga Jasoos was not pleasant for any of the parties involved!

For those unaware, let us bring you up to speed – Ranbir Kapoor, who stars as the lead actor in the movie alongside his (now ex) girlfriend Katrina Kaif went through a bitter breakup during the course of the movie, and the shooting had to be stopped, as the situation was so bad that the duo won’t see each other eye-to-eye.

However, with Valentines Day right here, it looks like the situation is getting a little better, and if not a complete patch-up or a getting back scenario, the two are now better on professional terms and the shooting has resumed (much to the crew’s delight). The movie also stars Adah Sharma and Govinda.

While Ranbir Kapoor resumed the shoots from the 8th of February, Katrina too has now returned to the shootings after a few solo shoots have been done by Ranbir.

Kat returned to the sets early in the morning on the 12th of February, but this time, she was accompanied by bouncers.

But don’t worry the bouncers were not there to keep the former lovers away, but they were there to keep the media away as Kat knew that she will be bombarded with questions from the media as soon as she returns.

However even though the two are back in the sets, both the leading actors, Ranbir as well as Katrina remained in their own vanity vans.

Certain sequences of the film are being shot again, and it is expected that the release date of the movie, which was expected to be some time in the month of June 2016, will be pushed back to around Diwali.

Most of the shootings are being done in the night-time to avoid media interference.

Ranbir and Katrina were expected to head to Morocco for the shooting of the movie on the 15th of February, but even that has now been shifted to end-March. Ranbir and Katrina broke up in January,  and while time heals everything, professionalism has prevailed and the two are back to work.