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Reliance JioFiber With 100 Mbps Broadband Speed Starts Testing In Chennai


According to reports from the Indian Express, Reliance Jio has already began its JioFiber trials in Chennai. Reliance Jio Infcocomm in a marketing attempt has sending invites out to various societies in Chennai for being a part of the ultra fast Fiber home broadband tests. The following invite wa posted on Facebook by users “At Jio we are really excited about introducing this amazing service and making your Society one of the first in India to Go Digital with our Ultra-Fast Broadband service.” Reliance Jio is all set to use the basements near the duct or shaft areas in order to put the JioFiber in place.


The invitee also contains some charts in which the company has compared the time taken to download various media such as photos, songs, etc. through the broadband speed of the Jio’s Ultra fast broadband at the speed of 100 Mbps. In the invites, the comparison of downloading 100 photos which would be approximately 500 MB would normally take up to 1 hour and with the Jio broadband it would only take a minute.

Same for 100 songs (1GB) would take 2 Hours but only about 2 minutes with the Jio’s superfast broadband. The company has also claimed that the real ultra HD movies the size of 5GB would be downloaded in less than 7 minutes. Another Facebook user posted a screenshot of the speed test of JioFiber testing. In that photo the download speed was set at an impressive 743.28 Mbps and upload speed at 73.22 Mbps.

On September 1 in a brief update at the annual share holders meeting, the company chairman Mukesh Ambani has already targeted over 100 million potential customers for the JioFiber which is set to launch late this year. The chairman further added that the company had already laid out over 2.5 lakh kilometers of fiber-optic cables which covers over 18,000 cities and over 1 lakh villages and has set his sights to cover the whole country by the end of 2018.