Home Entertainment Rukhsar Khan Found Dead at Kandivli Flat, Cause Drug Overdose

Rukhsar Khan Found Dead at Kandivli Flat, Cause Drug Overdose


Growing up, acting is something that everyone wants to do. We all want to be romancing like SRK, fighting villains like Akshay, or just chilling around like Salman.

Rukhsar Khan Found Dead at Kandivli Flat, Cause Drug Overdose

However, time and again, we are reminded that the industry is a tough place to be in, and sometimes, when one does not make it big, it can lead to extreme levels of stress, which can have a negative impact on a person’s health as well as mental well-being.

Drug dependency is something which has not been something which has been prevalent in India, but has off late been increasing as more and more drug overdose cases are coming to light.

The recent death of small-time actor, and a talented aspire, Rukhsar Khan has been one such case.

Known for her roles in small parts, as well as in lesser budget movies, Rukhsar Khan, 21 years of age, was found dead in an apartment in Kandivli. The apartment has been rented on the name of her friend, Payal Banjara.

She was reportedly partying over there with Payal, and two other male friends the night before her death.

According to police reports, Rukhsar’s friends have admitted to the fact that they had been taking drugs on the night, and had mixed them up in an energy drink.

While Rukhsar Khan herself was a resident of Govandi, her friend Payal was an event organizer, and the two male friends too, were associated with the film industry.

Senior inspector of the police, Ramchandra Gaikwad narrates what the police have learnt so far, saying, “The two boys left for their homes on Saturday morning. Banjara was not feeling well and went to a doctor.

As Khan was asleep, Banjara did not wake her up. But Khan would not answer her calls even later in the day. Banjara told one of her male friends to check on Khan. He informed the police control room when Khan was not waking up.”

The police investigation has found several cans of energy drink at the place where she was found dead. Police have also recovered a powder which they believe to be Methamphetamine, and have sent it for analysis.

The police have also clarified that no marks of external injury were spotted on her body.

The police are now examining whether there was any sexual assault on Rukhsar before her death. The family of the dead actress has claimed that there is some foul play behind the death of her daughter.

Yet another reminder of how gruesome this industry could be. RIP Rukhsar Khan.