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Shah Rukh Khan On Dilwale : SRK to Refund 50 Percent Losses To Distributors


Shah Rukh Khan has been known to be the undisputed king of romantic cinema in India. The SRK-Kajol couple rarely fails to dazzle us on-screen, be it the popular Raj-Simran of DDLJ or the nice lady helping a specially able person in the US in My Name is Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan On Dilwale

Dilwale, which featured SRK and Kajol on the screen, along with the direction of Rohit Shetty, a man known for making big-money in almost every movie he works on, was expected to be a sure-shot hit.

However, that was not the case and the movie, upon release was a disaster in the box office, a forgettable experience for the viewers, but a nightmare for the distributors!

However, now, almost two months after the release of the movie and the ultimate disaster that it was, King Khan has decided to refund 50% of the losses which were incurred by the distributors of the movie.

Later in a press conference, after a few weeks of the movie’s release, SRK was quoted saying – “I don’t think the film has done as well as it should have. I am personally disappointed with that”.

King Khan has indeed made a gracious move here by taking responsibility of the failure. However this is not the first time that this has happened!

In 2001, when Shah Rukh Khan made the epic film – Asoka, based on the life of King Ashok, the great, the movie did not do well in the box offices, and he did refund the individual distributors.

In fact, the movie that followed Asoka, Chalte-Chalte, was sold to the distributors at a much lower rate. Similarly, the same thing was done when SRK’s Paheli did not do so well in the markets.

However, the surprising thing here is, that the market calculations show otherwise – Dilwale did a business of 150cr. in the Indian markets and a business of 175cr. in the overseas markets.

With the satellite rights, and the music rights being sold for 75cr and 18cr. INR each, the total profits of the movie are expected to go a little beyond Rs. 150 crores.

However, since SRK’s domestic distribution targets have a minimum guarantee of 130 crores, and the collection from the Indian markets was 150 crores, the cumulative losses incurred by the distributors on their share would be that of anywhere between  55 to 60crores.

This is indeed a good step forward from SRK, and instills our faith on why he’s often called the badshaah of B-town.