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Shah Rukh Khan’s Car Stoned In ‘Intolerant’ Ahmedabad


The intolerance debate was now seeming to come to a close, when suddenly it has been sparked all over again.

While it was a statement from Aamir Khan that sparked off into a major media debate, this time the Bollywood is not to blame, but is the victim instead.


Shah Rukh Khan, arguably one of the biggest superstars in the B-town has a massive following everywhere in the country and it is not unusual for fans to gather around his car when he passes by, with fans eager for one look at their hero.

However, SRK faced a rather unusual scenario yesterday in Ahmedabad as his car was pelted with stones!

A few days ago, while shooting his upcoming film, Raees in Bhuj, the shooting had been disrupted because of protests from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, it has now been brought to light that stones were thrown at SRK’s car in Ahmedabad, the heartland of Gujarat from where the current PM Narendra Modi once ruled.

The Asian News International, ANI, has tweeted the following series of Tweets detailing the incident:

“Unknown persons pelted stones at Shahrukh Khan’s car in Ahmedabad in early morning hrs. Actor wasn’t present in his car at time of incident.”

“Actor Shahrukh Khan is shooting for his upcoming film ‘Raees’ in Ahmedabad (Gujarat).”

Most of the movie Raees was shot in Mumbai, and some part of the movie is to be shot in Gujarat, as they have been shooting here already. SRK has been vehemently opposed by the tolerant peace loving citizens of Gujarat over his remarks on intolerance.

After the movie Dilwaale was released, the posters were torn and the theaters were shut down, as there had been acts of violence outside theaters. Gujarat has typically been against both, Aamir and SRK since quite a while, as Aamir Khan’s remarks before the release of Fanaa had stirred a major controversy here. The movie was ultimately banned in the state.

“Our religion cannot be defined or showed respect to by our meat-eating habits. How banal and silly is that,” SRK had earlier commented this on his 50th birthday, talking about the issues of rising intolerance in the country, following the killing of writers and rationalists, and assault on those who eat beef.