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Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan – All That We Know About The Film So Far


Shah Rukh Khan has undoubtedly been the leader when it comes to the genre of romance.

In a career spanning across decades, he is one of the most popular and most loved superstars of all times.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan – All That We Know About The Film So Far


SRK has gained the love and respect of billions of his fans in the country and across, and his upcoming movie, ‘Fan’ is all set to showcase that love and desire that he gets from his fans. SRK plays a fan of himself in the movie, and the film in itself is an ode to his super stardom.

A one of its kind project, something which has never been seen before in the history of cinema in India and across the planet!

Here’s what we know about SRK’s upcoming film, Fan, so far –

  1. First Song ‘Jabra Fan’ has been launched

The first song from the movie has recently been released! Jabra Fan is officially the fan anthem, where SRK is seen dancing and prancing across various corners of Delhi, most noticeably Chandni Chowk, the Red Fort and surrounding areas.

SRK looks quite different in the movie, and it looks like we are going to treat ourselves to some fine acting from the man.

  1. Main Tera Fan Ho Gaya Song Video Leaked

A video of SRK dancing on the streets has been recorded by several locals who were present at the location, and popular Twitter account belonging to Times of India, TOI Photo Gallery has released a 15 second clip of the song and SRK dancing on it, which can be seen below:


  1. An idea of what the story might be

The story is of a fan wanting to meet his favorite superstar, and the protagonist travels all the way from Delhi to Mumbai to meet his favorite actor, SRK.

This is quite an emotional movie and has been shot in locations which have a vibrant feel.

  1. FAN!

The movie involves a lot of real life fan interactions, including from the times he was shooting for the Main Tera Fan Ho Gaya Song.

The movie is all about the way fans look up to him and how crazy they are for the ‘king khan’.

  1. SRK Finally Graduates!

An interesting thing happened while shooting the movie, SRK, while going to promote his movie at his Alma Mater, Hansraj College in New Delhi.

During this promotional visit, SRK was finally handed over the certificate of graduation from the university of Delhi, as he graduated in the year 1988 but never had the time to come back and collect the certificate.