Home Entertainment Shahrukh Khan supports Aamir Khan as he receives kisses after slaps

Shahrukh Khan supports Aamir Khan as he receives kisses after slaps


We all know about the big controversy surrounding Aamir Khan that is around these days.This is all about his wife Kiran Rao’s statement on ‘intolerance’ which has received shockingly high responses that too in large proportions.


Adding fuel to some of the extreme protests, Shiv Sena had also announced an amount Rs 1 lakh to anybody who slaps the actor. Now we also have Shahrukh Khan supporting the actor as he said that there is no need for anyone to prove his patriotism.

This came as an opportunity for few students to troll Shiv Sena as they added fuel to the fire. A group of students from a Miami Ad School went on to create a website even which would allow the userto virtually slap Aamir. The site was named ‘Slapaamir.com’ where a hand dashed out that allowed users to slap a photo of the actor. Along with that, his face underwent changes after every slap.The students also added a disclaimer which said, “Slapaamir.com is for humour and creative purposes only and does not represent any political views of the people involved. Please be tolerant of our humor.”

Now with a lot of criticism and anger on various social media platforms, had led to a bit of alteration done to the existing site for fun purpose and spreading of love. The site now has been redirected to kissaamir.com, which enables the user to virtually kiss Aamir Khan on the website.With every kiss in his face, there would be a change. With that, the disclaimer message also got changed to, “kissaamir.com is for love and fun purposes only and represents kindness and kisses only. Please spread the tolerance of our love only… “.

The new website kissaamir.com now gives the chance to give a peck of Aamir’s cheek, with his face changing to amusing expressions from his different characters of his movies.So anyone can now log on to this website and share the love and affection for the actor after all the hatred spread.