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Shashi Tharoor Comments on BJP’s Nationalism, appreciates JNU Students


Rarely in the Indian political scenario has there ever been a person who would have his own party, as well as the opposition listens to them in equal awe, there once was a Bajpayee, and there now is a Tharoor.

Shashi Tharoor Comments on BJP’s Nationalism, appreciates JNU Students

When ShashiTharoor speaks, people listen. A man known for his exceptional oratory skills and a well-traveled International Indian, ShashiTharoor has time and again taken a dig against the BJP’s policies.

ShashiTharoor, last night, gave a speech at the Azadi square at JNU. An orator extraordinaire, Tharoor commented on many matters, and said that the students of JNU have done an excellent job in educating the nation.

Tharoor, who represents the liberal and modern face of Indian politics, took several jibes at Prime Minister Modi’s government and commented on several ongoing issues such as the recent controversy over the chanting of the Bharat Mata ki Jai slogan.

“Today nationalism is decided by whether or not one can say ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. I am happy to say it, but should I also oblige everyone to say it? Our Constitution gives people the right not to say it just as it gives people the right to say it as well. I will choose when to say it and that’s democracy,”

Tharoor took a shot at the Modi government as he commented on the core ideologies that the party follows, which are more about the mother tongue and the motherland.

“India is not just Hindi, Hindu and Hindustan. We want an India with both Krishna and Kanhaiya Kumar. We want in India people from every corner of this vast land an equal stake in our future.

If we understand that the Indian civilization allows many religions, celebrates range of opinions and is today sustained by constitutional democracy which stands for certain values that all of us claim as our own, if this is the Indian legacy we can live, then we can all stand under that flag and celebrate,”

Tharoor congratulated the students saying they have sparred off a nationwide movement and that they are studying there as well as expanding their own consciousness. Tharoor spoke there for a good 40 minutes, and quoted personalities from across the world in his speech.