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Sheena Bora murder case: apparent political involvement with switch of officers


The sensational murder case of Sheena Bora is a murder trial without a body or a forensic report. While Indrani Mukherjea’s relational chemistry is much juice for them juice-thirsty, there has been a shift in the authority that has been overseeing and steering the course of the trial.


While there is a long wait for the DNA results to come, Rakesh Maria, the then Mumbai Police Commissioner had started widening the scope of the case by enlisting the help of the Economic Offences Wing. The prime need for this was to investigate the numerous companies, investments and properties within and outside India. Mainly, these countries include the UK and Spain.

However, on the 8th Of September, Rakesh Maria received a silken boot to nudge him out of this enormously important capacity. As a Commissioner, he had the post of an Additional Director-General. He was unceremoniously dumped as a Director-General of the Home Guard, a ridiculously underrated job for a fine investigator. In fact the move has been a switch move, inducting Ahmed Javed from the Home Guards DG, from the 1980 batch, whom Maria had superseded being from the 1981 batch himself, i.e. a junior to Ahmed Javed.

However, public uproar has been on the fact that Maria has been considered as a Congress NCP man by the current BJP government in Maharashtra. Though Maria has been brought back to supervise the team, but Maria himself is not keen as he feels that in the police hierchy, such an arrangement would create two power-centres. This recall, too, by the government has been met with public disapproval.

BJP bigwigs have admitted that this move of the Maharashtra Government led by Fadnavis, to be the egg to the face, as the transfer/promotion  of Rakesh Maria was done a mere 22 days away from the scheduled time. Apparently, the regular briefings that Maria was giving to the media regarding the Sheena Bora case, the latest being on the 7th of September, miffed Fadnavis. However, they had not expected the massive support Maria got at this unceremonious shove. BJP leaders are ruing this move of the government as perhaps the “biggest goof-up by the CM’s home department.”