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Sheena Bora Murder: Peter Mukherjea’s ( ex CEO, Star India) wife Indrani gives new twist to case


The sensational murder case of Sheena Bora took a turn on the 4th of September, 2015 when investigators reported that Indrani Mukherjea has accepted her role in the brutal murder of her own daughter from a previous marriage. Indrani and her current husband Peter Mukherjea (her third) are a power duo of media executives, the latter being a former CEO of Star India.


The three accused will be produced in court today. The police are likely to ask for extension of remand. Peter Mukherjea is yet to get a clean-chit, as the financial transactions of the couple are being investigated. There are also reports, as quoted by PTI on Friday, that the superimposition of Sheena Bora’s profile has matched the skull found in the Raigarh forest, where the charred remains of the deceased were buried.

There is also speculation that other people were also involved in the murder. The basis of this supposition is that an employee of Indrani’s company was sending e-mails on behalf of Sheena, after the murder.

The said confession places Indrani at the scene of the murder as well as that of the disposal of the body, however, she claims she was not involved in the act of the murder. Shyamwar Rai, the accused driver of Indrani Mukherjea says that she was an active participant in the strangulation of Sheena Bora in the back of a rented car he was driving. Media reports also state that Indrani applied lipstick on Sheena and combed her hair after the murder. The third accused in this case is Sanjeev Khanna, a former husband of Indrani Mukherjea.

The investigators hope to find coherent connections to establish any sense of animosity that Indrani may have had towards Sheena. On Thursday, the 3rd of September, 2015, the police also had Siddhartha Das (Indrani’s first husband) flown in to Mumbai from Kolkata for questioning. He has reportedly said earlier in a public appearance that Indrani could kill her daughter for money.

The police intend to verify these claims and will be confronting the parties with each other. Moreover the police are also interested to know whether Das has been in touch with Mikhail Bora, brother to Sheena, who has accused Indrani Mukherjea, Sanjeev Khanna and driver Shyamvar Rai of trying to kill him along with Sheena back in 2012. Also, since both Khanna and Das are residents of Kolkata and have been husbands to Mukherjea, it is pertinent for the police to know if they each other before.