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Shilpa Shirodkar gets back on Star Plus with new show as mom


The famous actress, Shilpa Shirodkar, is now returning to small screen with her new role in “Saajan”. Shilpa was last seen on TV in in a daily serial “Ek Mutthi Aasmaan”, and is now returning to the small screen with her new show. She plays a role of a mother in the show that fascinated her to take up the role as she couldn’t say no to the makers due to her fondness of the “mother-son relationship”.

Reports suggest that the new serial “Saajan” will be launched on Star Plus with the tentative dates given between the mid of December. The role of her son is played by Abhay Vakil with the character name of Raunak. Janki (Shilpa) plays an over possessive mother. She believes that her son Raunak belongs only to her and she is the one who must get all the attention and affection from him. This mad possessiveness is so strong that she won’t let anyone between her son and her.

In an interview, Shilpa said “The character of Janki Tiwari really motivated me to take up the show. ‘Saajan’ will show the aspects of a mother-son relationship which will connect with masses at large,” She also added “In my previous show, I was playing a maid and in this show, I will be hiring maids and servants. My character is very affluent in her lifestyle, while the character that I played previously was of a strong woman.This character is sort of cussed and she or he is an obsessive and a possessive mom. My look is not over-the-prime thought, as an alternative, it is extremely delicate”.

Shilpa Shirodkar had acted in many Bollywood films from 1989 to 2000 but took a leap of 13 years after which she joined the small screen.Apart from Shilpa and Abhay, there would also be pivotal roles played by Chhavvi Pandey and Sehban Azim.