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Snapchat Update all set to add fun and charge money


With over 100 million users using the Snapchat, it has become one of the most buzzing apps in the vogue. Snapchat is a useful tool to take snapshots but prior to the earlier versions, the newer one has come up with a new feature that allows the user to preview the snaps that used to disappear earlier.


But this new feature comes with a cost of 99 cents equivalent to 65p but is worth the cost to relive and enjoy those old and nostalgic messages and photos again. ‘Replays’ –as it’s called, the app is first in-app purchase. Thus, the recovery of snaps is very easy with this new feature, which previously was not possible.

Snapchat is also presenting us with an offer of 10 Replays for $2.99 and 20 Replays for $4.99. However, for the time being, there exists a drawback as purchasing additional Replays is only available for countries using the US dollars, and there has been no info on its availability in pounds. According to the social media, there have been various complaints regarding the ‘Replays’ feature, that it should be made free of costs.

Another important feature added is the addition of “Lenses”, which is one of the biggest changes made till date for the app, which can be described asanimated selfies. The feature allows us to add numerous special effects to photos taken through the front shooter. The lenses can be unlocked by holding down on our face, when the camera is open in Snapchat. The features also include special effects and even bright rainbow effects on the faces.

The mobile application has also started selling ads to big marketing companies like Coca-Cola and Samsung Electronics companies last year.

With these updates, Snapchat is loaded up nicely for the users, whether you are a newbie or an experienced hardcore pro user. We hope the new features will add to the Snapchat popularity.