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Sonakshi Sinha over Jasleen Kaur case: Apologies to the guy!



Recently, Jasleen Kaur a Delhi University student posted an image Sarabjit on all social networking sites accusing him of harassment but later, many questioned the authenticity of the case after an eye witness’ confession.


Sonakshi Sinha said ‘I am embarrassed & let down, apologies to the guy’ after she had supported Jasleen Kaur blindly. When she came to know that the case had a different angle to it, she was quick enough to apologize.

The Bollywood celebrity, Sonakshi Sinha, took to Twitter to apologize to Sarabjit for impulsively judging him over the social media post without knowing the truth. She tweeted saying,
“Being a girl, gave the benefit of doubt to Jasleen, like many others! And like many others am embarrassed n let down! Apologies to the guy.”  Post her tweet, many of the actress’ fans were not only influenced by her gesture but admired her guts to post it on a public platform. After being flooded by tweets about her, Sonakshi Sinha replied to her fans saying, “Admitting a mistake and apologizing doesn’t make anyone a smaller person…thats what I’ve been taught!”

The Tilak Nagar eve-teasing case took another twist on Tuesday after the accused cried and alleged that the girl was an AAP supporter and did it for political advantage.

Jasleen Kaur responded “Even if I belong to a political party, does it validate the case of eve-teasing? The college to which I belong is not a part of Delhi University Students Union and thus I cannot be a part of any university election.”

Jasleen Kaur post lead to a pandemonium about the ‘harassment incident’ on social networking sites that happened with her on the streets of Tilak Nagar, Delhi accusing Sarabjit of eve teasing and bullying her. Soon after, an eye witness’ statement clarified that it was Jasleen Kaur who fudged the entire incident and the accused is now out on bail.