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Venkaiah Naidu Calls Modi Gift of God to India, ‘Messiah of Poor’


There have been many times that politicians have made overstatements. Sometimes, even God has been invoked in their speeches. In India, that has been a common practice, and Venkaiah Naidu continued the trend as he called Prime Minister Narendra Modi the Gift of God to India, hailing him as the Messiah of poor.

He said this while he pointed out that Modi’s statue was being built at the Madame Tussauds Museum.

Venkaiah Naidu Calls Modi Gift of God to India, 'Messiah of Poor'

“He inherited challenges in each and every sector. He steered clear of them,” said Naidu during the BJP’s national executive meet at the capital. There have been many occasions during which the leaders tend to praise other BJP leaders, but this is almost an overstatement as no one has ever been called a ‘God’s Gift’.

Naidu’s remarks did not come during the actual event, but were later released by his office in the evening and were a part of the official documentation.

Here are the comments that the office of Venkaiah Naidu released:

  • “Narendra Modi is ‘Modifier of Developing India’.
  • “He is decisive leader, Nationalist politician and provides progressive governance. “
  • “India is recognised and respected as the most favoured destination for investment.”
  • “Modi is a god’s gift for India. He is the messiah of the poor. He inherited challenges in each and every sector. He is steering clear of them.”
  • “Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi made it to Time Magazine’s list of 100 most influential people in 2015 and now this year 30.”

The meeting was also attended by other top leaders such as Arun Jaitley and Rajnath Singh. Arun Jaitley talked about the Dalit entrepreneurs in India, and said that movements such as Stand up India and Make in India would be linked to the SC, ST and women.

During the national executive meet, Ambedkar’s name often came up, saying the government is planning to build memorials in Maharashtra and London.

Commenting on the upcoming elections, Jaitley said, “We will improve our position in all the five states. We will try to increase our vote share in Bengal.” The party also took a dig on the Congress when Jaitley commented that congress have now lowered their ambitions and are looking forward towards being the tail-enders in every alliance. He said that the Modi led NDA government has now given the nation a clear direction of progress.