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Vijay Mallya Indicates He Might Not Return To India At All


On the 2nd of March, billionaire industrialist turned defaulter Vijay Mallya, left the country flying on a first class ticket to London with seven heavy bags, reports have stated. Mallya, against who 17 banks have been trying to recover a sum of as much as 9000 crores, has stirred a major controversy in India.

Vijay Mallya Indicates He Might Not Return To India At All

Mallya has been tweeting from an undisclosed location in the UK, and earlier on he had stated that he is an international businessman and he keeps travelling. Former PM Deve Gowda had hailed Mallya as a ‘son of soil’, however, despite all this, Mallya has now indicated that he might not return to India, at least anytime soon.

In an interview with the Sunday Guardian, Mallya said that “I do not feel the time is right. I feel passions are high. People need to think rationally.” However, he also said that he hopes that he would “return one day.”

According to Mallya, this is all one giant witch hunt, and he is being targeted because of his lifestyle. Mallya said that when banks give out loans, they know the risks involved, and this is a conspiracy against him blown out of proportions by the media.

“They decide, we don’t. Our own business was flourishing, but plummeted suddenly. Don’t make me the villain. I have the best intentions. I’m quiet because I fear my words will be twisted like of others.”

Mallya was also questioned on him leaving the country, to which he said this is all a matter of perceptions and there was no one who ‘tipped him’ to leave the country. Mallya said that he is one of the most ‘open’ people and his lifestyle is known to all. Him being forced to hiding makes him ‘sick’.

The Hyderabad court has now issued a non-bailable warrant against him over a dishonored cheque of INR 50 Lakh to the GMR Hyderabad International airport. Mallya however insisted that he is an Indian to the core. “India has given me everything. It made me Vijay Mallya.”

The congress party has stated that they will discuss this matter in the Rajya Sabha today. Mallya’s escape has become a matter of major controversy in India and both the houses of the parliament have been playing blame games over him.