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Vijendar Singh All Set To Take On ‘Snake Blood Drinker’ Alexander Horvath


Boxing matches are often a delight to watch. Be it the classic Frazier vs Ali, or be it the Tyson vs Holyfield, there have been several such matches which have always intrigued the excitement of the viewers.

Vijendar Singh All Set To Take On ‘Snake Blood Drinker’ Alexander Horvath

More recently it was PacquiaovsMayweather, and there have been several such instances in the past. What makes a boxing match more intriguing is that it is not limited to just physical violence, but also involves mind-games and a psychological warfare where the opponents don’t just battle it out in the ring, but in the words too.

Who can forget the thunder in the jungle, or any of the Muhammad Ali quotes for that matter. Boxer Vijendar Singh has now continued that tradition.

Today, as Vijendar Singh faces Hungary’s Alexander Horvath, he is confident of extending his wins by another number. Vijendar and Horvath are all set to clash in Liverpool.

“It is showtime. I have worked very hard for this fight and I am confident of doing well tomorrow. I will give him a taste of my punching power. I need to continue my unbeaten record and it’s important that I put on a commanding performance against Horvath and then next at Harrow to keep on course for my title shot and my homecoming,” Vijendar said to the IANS.

Vijendar has had three professional bouts in the 75kg middleweight category, and has won them all. He now intends to take his winning streak to 4-0. The trash talk began when Horvath said that he would be drinking a Viper’s Venom before the match. Vijendar looked undaunted by this claim from his opponent and said that he was ready to fight snake venom with desi ghee.

“Yes, I am hearing that he is taking snake-blood diet. Probably it’s his way to prepare and think that he can beat me, but I feel my normal diet containing desi ghee is enough to generate power in my punches and beat him badly,” said Vijendar Singh.

While Vijendar has 3 wins on his side, Alexander has 5. Alexander has said that Vijendar is ‘not a strong opponent for me’, and he claims to have rubbed shoulders against the likes of world champions in the past while Vijendar is still a rookie as per him.